The development of gambling: from antiquity to modern times

The development of gambling: from antiquity to modern times

Excitement was born at the same time as the first person. In ancient times, primitive people could fully satisfy this feeling. Today we come up with new ways to let the steam out.

The origin of gambling

The first game that mankind invented was the dice. Even then they had the form of a cube, the marks were applied with the help of soot or beating out with a stone. Dice cubes were made from large animal bones. The game was spread in Ancient Egypt, Greece, India, especially loved in China. Historians have found references to it in papyrus, dating back to the 20th century BC., the Bible also mentions the subject of gambling pleasure.

For four millennia, they haven’t lost relevance, they have earned a million army of fans. After the fall of ancient Rome, it quickly spread across Europe, from there - were brought to ancient Russia. People of the East also took a great interest in the game. Today, craps and sit-bo are especially popular there. And, of course, dice is a regular item on the menu of every casino.

Another ancient kind of entertainment is cards. Today, they are used in numerous games, and appeared in China in the 7th century AD. They spread from the east coasts throughout the territory of India, Egypt, Persia, gradually conquered Europe too.

In the 17th century, people learned the pleasure of playing roulette. It’s not known who gave it to the world, but some historians attribute the authorship to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal.

The first casinos: appearance and development

In ancient documents, found on the territory of Greece and Rome, China, there are mentioned places which people gladly visited to gamble. In the 17th century there appeared a specialized game houses, exactly for this purpose.

Where do you think the first casinos appeared? The Venetian Church of Saint Moses! This place was chosen for a good reason. That was done in order to control the ardor and enthusiasm of gamblers during the carnival. Gradually, casinos spread across Europe, a hundred years later the first institution opened in America.

Over time, a standard list of games was formed:

• cards in different variations
• roulette of several types
• dice

Technologies didn’t stand still, and therefore the casinos gradually expanded. In 1887, the first mechanical automata appeared in England. In 1905, America gave players the legendary casino game for real money - Liberty Bell. Already in the 90s of the last century, mechanics were completely replaced by electronic machines.

The advent of virtual playgrounds

Game developers for virtual sites soon began to adapt the software to users' computers. First, they released offline games without any money bets. In 1994, Microgaming offered the first platform on which it was possible to play through the network. This year is considered the year of the advent of online casinos.

The best and favorite games are gradually moving to the expanses of the world wide web: hundreds of varieties of card games, dozens of variations of roulette, tens of thousands of slot machines. Over time, the best online casino offered a novelty - a game with a live croupier. Having settled in a home chair, it became possible to play bingo or poker with a real person, chat with a dealer and make bets. The developers have tried to achieve maximum realism: studio design, sound, graphics are thought through to the smallest detail. Visitors feel the atmosphere of a real VIP establishment.

Modern machines were also modernized. Today, they use three-dimensional graphics by analogy with computer games, specially written soundtracks, thought-out scenarios. In 2014, a new trend appeared - social games.

Casino for mobile devices

Ten years after, mobile platforms were developed. First you could play in offline mode. In 2005 there were games with real bets. Devices are progressing rapidly, today mobile versions are not much different from the usual ones. You can play on the popular real casino games for real money online, make bets, withdraw money. Functionality and capabilities are the same, the main difference is the adaptation to the finger touch.

In 2017, about 7.5 billion gadgets were registered, of which 83% have access to the Internet, 20% of users visit virtual casinos. According to forecasts by 2021 the number of mobile devices will grow up to 9 billion, and gamblers - by 10%. Excitement drives and requires an exit. Join now!

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